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Fullmetal Alchemist

  • Blood & Water
  • The first expansion for FMA-TCG, Blood and Water adds very important ammuntion to the game - Location Control and Character Kill. The ability to drag unwilling characters into a search party, switching locations to your own battletype (a must for Elrics), and huge pumps for characters with already high Strength make this set important for Elric and Rebel especially. Tim Marcoh (with his unbelievably powerful level two Leader ) and Scar (the most versatile Rebel leader) decks start here. Finally, the unlimited 'Red Water Fever' card allows decks which want to go over-the-top to play as many of itself as possible, leading to some interesting deck possibilities.

  • A Hero's Passing
  • The second 'major' set for FMA-TCG, AHP brings more 'staple' cards to the forefront, as well as reprinting the most popular and useful cards from the original Premiere. For collectors, signed cards make for a great mini-set to chase down, and each faction gets some love. Military gets a number of solid allies, Homunculi get more hand control as well as a second recursive-event Ally, Rebels get more high-strength characters and multiple more ways to fight in Strength, and the Elrics get solid Blockers and a way to quickly level up.

  • Seven Deadly Sins
  • Sacrifice