Starship Battles

Released November 2006. This is the name for the stand-alone space combat game released in November 2006. This game is centered on starship combat. Players control starships (fighters and capital ships) rather than individual characters. The Starter set includes the Executor Class Star Dreadnought Executor (from the Galactic Civil War Era) and the Mon Calamari Star Defender Viscount (from the New Jedi Order Era) along with eight randomized ships. The boosters contain 7 randomized ships from all eras. There are 60 different ships to collect. In this new expansion, different rules apply. Squads are divided into a Dark or Light side faction, and recommended squad size in a free-for-all is about 300 points. There are ships and fighters from all six movies. This stand-alone combat system received no further support from Wizards of the Coast, and is out of print.
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