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Marvel 2PCG - The Defenders Expansion

Marvel 2PCG - The Defenders Expansion

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  • Description

    The Defenders Expansion
    The characters in VS System 2PCG: The Defenders can have different versions on each team. For example: Daredevil and Dr. Strange can be Defenders as well as Avengers. Note: the characters team affiliation does not affect "Powering Up".

    Plot twists can be played at a choice number of times - just follow the appropriate text. When it comes to Protection - your face-up front row characters protect your face-up back row characters. Some effects say to "wound" a character - which starts a wound counter on the character. However, this does not stun a character.

    Content Highlights for VS 2PCG: The Defenders :
    > All new playable content based on Marvel's Defenders
    > Same style of gameplay as core set
    > 200 playable cards
    > Streamlined game design
    > New "Low Barrier of Entry" for New Players